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Dane Rhea Sillo explanation about Joshua Garcia’s message

The female netizen with a Twitter handle of @danerhea admits that he suffers on extreme criticisms when she publicize the short direct message sent to her by the “The Good Son” actor named Joshua Garcia.

On March 12, 2018, Dane shared on her Twitter account the message she received from Joshua about his response on the swimsuit photo of the girl.

It is stated on the short message of Joshua the “art photo” and thumbs up emoji.

Dane Tweeted her response:

After this incident, the speculation arise on what is the relation of the actor Joshua to the said netizen.

Along with this, the private chat on Facebook showing the obvious flirting of the actor to the unknown netizen is also spreading.

Other Internet sites states that the said Facebook messages from Joshua also came from Dane.

FAKE FACEBOOK CONVO. But on her tweets on March 24, Dane cleared it out that the only message she received from Joshua is the “art photo” emoji of the actor.

Dane explained, “Hi guys! Chill lang tayo as much as I don’t want to say anything, pero sumobra na kasi yung fake news. I don’t mean anything bad.”

“Binakla ko nga lang yung caption, actually. It’s normal for me and my friends to say ‘yes?? Bakeeet’

“And di totoo yung fb convo sa mga articles. Idk who edited that pero it’s not me

“I’m super busy rn and di ko na binabasa yung about dito kasi wala lang sakin. But im sorry sa lahat ng fans Josh is for Juls guys! So chill.”

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