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VIRAL! The Truth About Kathryn Bernardo’s Rumored Pregnancy

The rumors about pregnancy of actress Kathryn Bernardo is like a wildfire circulating the online world and becomes the most talked issues this week. This is just normal because the millennial generation today knows how popular she is in the movie industry.

Plus factor that the alleged responsible father of the child is her love team Daniel Padilla. This is the primary reason why the issue of Kathryn’s pregnancy went viral online today.

Upon investigation, according to fans and supporters of “KathNiel” love team, it comes out that the only basis of the alleged pregnancy of the 21-year-old La Luna Sangre actress is the photo where Kathryn looks with her tummy quite bigger that looks like a few months pregnant.

On the said photo, Daniel Padilla is on her back embracing the actress. Because of this, Daniel Padilla is the alleged father of the baby if Kathryn is truly pregnant.

However, both of the celebrity couple Daniel and Kathryn did not give their side or any explanation about the issue.

Just like other celebrity couples in the country who is also facing the same issue, the pregnancy of Kathryn involving Daniel Padilla as the father is a very nice issue to talk on social media knowing that talking about them will draw the attention of the netizen and increase traffic to the viral level to the site talking about it.

Talking the pregnancy issue involving any of the celebrity couple will be the best way to increase traffic and page views to generate impression and gives financial benefits to the site.

At the moment, we have to wait for the concerned celebrity to confirm the truth about Kathryn’s pregnancy whether admit or deny the allegation.

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