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What is the Message? Arci Moñuz is Crying Upon Reading the Letter, Find Out Here.

Before the era of information technology, sending love letter to someone special is the best way to express your feelings, in contrast of our generation today.

Celebrity actress Arci Moñoz becomes one of the guests on “Magandang Buhay” early this year of 2018. During her guesting, one of the surprising moments in the show is the reading of the message from her boyfriend Anthony Ng.

The letter of Anthony made the actress emotional. On his letter, the actress received appreciation from her special someone as advance greeting for her 29th birthday this coming January 12.

Before you read the message of Anthony, I want to let you know how much to feel if you’re appreciated by someone special. Like you and me, most of us we are easily touch of a simple message yet genuine from someone we expect to give the best that can touch our heart during special day.

Here is the message of Anthony Ng that touches the heart of Arci Monuz and made her cry.

“Time really flew fast. Looking back at how we met, I feel really blessed to have been granted the opportunity to witness and be with you at the highs and lows of your life. Those moments gave me a clear understanding of who you really are. And what I found is someone so beautiful, genuine, generous, selfless, loyal and loving. On this special occasion, I want to remind you of how wonderful and special you are to me and the people around you. May you continue to be passionate, grounded and prayerful. Let it be known that I’m very proud of you and very thankful for you. Be assured that whatever comes your way I will always be there and I love you. Happy birthday,” wrote Anthony in her letter read by her.

When asked on air how she response to Anthony on his letter, she said she will acknowledge it when she get home.

Arci recalled how they started in relationship with Anthony, according to her everything started in a friendship long time ago, almost three years when they started knowing each other. They meet each other through a common friend, she said a group of friend “tropa” she said in dialect. There are times they go with the tropa, he was introduced to me and we started talking each other and it comes to the point that I shared him everything, narrated Arci.

Until the time Arci admitted she is dating with Anthony sometime in June 2017.

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