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Watch! Wanted Sa Radyo with Raffy Tulfo and Niña Taduran Full Episode on January 11, 2018 #pascampamore

Raffy Tulfo in Action helps Filipino people here and abroad. This program gives a real public service helping Filipinos who are facing issues that they cannot handle by their own. Raffy Tulfo in Action gives hope and help to those who have injustice.

The issue today is about a man scammed through phone. He was being tricked since the person calling him asks for money to claim a big amount of money but it was a lie. The person who scammed him ask him to send a money for a total of 50,000 pesos because he won a huge amount of money and the person claims he is from BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). The security guard really believed the guy who fooled him to have bigger money. His wife complained to Mr. Raffy Tulfo that even their savings was being spent just to claim the false money.

For more details, please watch the video below!


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Source and Credits to:Raffy Tulfo in Action, Facebook

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