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VIRAL NOW! Taho Vendor Nabundol ng Kotse, Modus ba O Hindi? By Ronald Dizon

Viral video of a Taho vendor is making round on social media following after a man hit by the car in the midst of the highway.

In a video footage taken from a dash cam uploaded by Ronald Dizon on his Facebook account on Saturday, the video captured the man crossing the street with a 100% visibility of all the cars passing the highway. The man is also noticeably seeing the car that hit him, the reason that the netizen watching the video had negative reaction leading some to say it is a modus to make money.

When the man hit by the car, he fall down and rolling for several times to the opposite direction against the car so catching the attention of viewers to think that the accident was just a purely a modus operandi.

Immediately, Taho vendor walk to the side street and sit down while some people responded him including the driver.

Watch video here:

What do you think? It is a modus or not? Share you comment on box provided below and let us see who will agree with you or disagree.

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