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Viral Now! Grace Poe Ask Technology Expert “Can We Block Facebook in the Philippines?”

Senator Grace Poe caught the attention of the  online world following after her question “Can we block Facebook in the Philippines?” Most of the comments from social media are negative to her question. As we all know of today in this millennial generation, we can safely assume that every teenager of today is connected into social media especially to the photo sharing site, Facebook.

It was not detailed to what purpose of her question, but the mind of the netizen ran fast to assume that Grace Poe thinks the possibility of banning Facebook in the country.

If she recommends to ban Facebook in the country, surely she will suffer the lose. This generation mocking her to max as you can observe the comments from the netizens.

Watch video here:

You can share your thoughts on the space provided below, and we will see who will agree with your and who will disagree.

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