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Top 20 PASSERS: October 2017 NAPOLCOM Exam Results

NAPOLCOM coverage the PNP Special Promotional Exam Results, Police Officers, Senior Police Officers, Police Inspector, and Superintendent. Expected day of releasing the official results is on January 2018.

NAPOLCOM administered the police exams for a total of 44, 002 takers on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in several testing centers nationwide.

According to Atty. Rogelio T. Casurao (NAPOLCOM Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer), a total of 29,691 will take the PNP entrance exam while 14,311 are distributed to the various promotional test categories.

October 2017 NAPOLCOM exam results

Police Officer

PNP Entrance

Top 20


Police Inspector

Senior Police Officer

Top 20 Passers of October 2017 NAPOLCOM Exam Results:

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Examinees answer the following:

“The three-hour examination for PNP entrance exam consists of objective-type and multiple choice items on general information, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and logical reasoning.

The promotional examinations, also in 3 hours, include general information, police administration and operations, and police customs and tradition/values and ethical standards.”

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