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This Poor Taxi Driver Caught by the Traffic Enforcer R. Santos: Is He Making Money? Watch Video Here!

On this post, you will see a poor Taxi driver caught by a Traffic Enforcer R. Santos without clarification onto what violation a taxi driver committed.

During the incident, the Taxi driver grabbed his cellphone to record the moment as his evidence that he was caught by a Traffic enforcer with no valid reason of what offense the receipt was issued against him.

The video was uploaded to the Facebook channel under the account of Anthony Enriquez with the caption below, Bigla akong dinakip ni Traffic Enforcer R . Santos na walang violations , pwede ba yun ?? ?? Kung gusto mo ng pera huwag ako kc mahirap lng ako , pinilit nyo pa akong pumirma sa receipt . Kupal , sana matanggal kayo sa work nyo . Paki share po ??? ..”

Mixed reaction followed this thread, some netizens criticizes the traffic enforcer while some commented with fair opinion that netizens should not be judgmental based only of what we can see on the social media knowing that the video has no other record in favor to the ground of the traffic enforcer if the driver really violates traffic rules or not.

In order to understand, better to watch video here:

Give your comments and let us see who will conform to your opinion and who will disagree.


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