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VIRAL Video: Lesbian Sucy Dajay Complained by Outrageous Mother of a Minor Girl Zyna Mae Cabahug Lesbian Partner

In an episode of “Raffy Tulfo in Action” September 29, 2017 guested the mother of a minor girl Zyna Mae Cabahug to complain her lesbian partner Sucy Dajay.

The mother of Zyna Mae Cabahug became outrageous calling the attention of the lesbian to stop their relationship with her minor daughter. In this video attached on this page you can see Zyna Mae’s mother shouting out loud and promise to put the lesbian behind the bars.

Idol Raffy Tulfo called the attention of the lesbian Sucy Dajay to give her chance to explain her side. When she was asked by the Action Man Raffy Tulfo how true their relationship with the minor Zyna Mae was, Sucy then confirmed their relationship which was also admitted by Zyna Mae.

Along the conversation with Idol Raffy, the Action Man found out that the problem originally triggered from their family. And during their confrontation, there was a shocking revelation from Sucy that Zyna Mae’s mother who had complained her is having an affair with other man. It was in this reason Zyna Mae ended up with untimely relationship with Sucy.

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Video credit to: Raffy Tulfo in Action Facebook Page

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