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Nadine Lustre father Ulysses Lustre maybe Accountable on son Isaiah Lustre dead

Ulysses Lustre may be held accountable on son’s dead if proven that he owned the gun used. In previous report, Nadine Lustre brother Isaiah Lustre has taken his own life. The sibling of the victim stated at around 7:45 p.m., they heard a two gunshot inside the room of their brother Isaiah.

They rushed to the Global Medical Center but were unfortunately it is dead on arrival. SOCO seen a 2 live ammunitions of caliber .380, a gun used by the victim.

Recently, Abante Tonite publish some article that Ulysses may possibly be held accountable on the reported case if proven that the gun used was owned by him.

Here are the screenshot of an article by Abante Tonite;

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