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Learn What Rare Illness Why Korean Actress Yoonseo Removed One of Her Lungs

Korean actress Yoonseo shocks fans and supporters after revealing that she underwent a life-threatening lung surgery. The 24-year-old MBC drama star admitted that she has a rare of a kind of lung illness since her young age.

On her trip to Okinawa, Japan on the 3rd of October, Yoonseo was having a date with Korean rapper Hanhae, as they’re walking by the seaside Hanhae asked her if she is happy on that moment and Yoonseo replied saying “Yes, I’m happy these days.” That answers indicated that Yoonseo was happy because of her successful lung surgery.

As they continued walking on the beach, Yoonseo told Hanhae about her past saying, “About 3 months ago, I was really sick. I had a big surgery. I had my left lung removed. I almost died. Back then, I thought to myself, ‘Everything is meaningless’… It was a rare form of illness, so there wasn’t really a name for it. It was because a blood vessel near the lung grew defectively. I had it since birth, but didn’t know about it… but now I’m all cured of it,” the actress said.

Doctors are still to name that rare of a kind of illness as they have not even find a name for it.

She added how difficult for her to do the projects before while she was suffering from illness. She admitted that her illness affects her entire performance and she is happy now because she is normal and healthy again.

As to remember back in 2016, Yoonseo starred MBC drama “Person Who Gives Happiness” but she discontinued the project due to her unhealthy condition. Fans and supporters are happy now knowing that she recovered and doing well.

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