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Bam Aquino Reveals 87 Sites that Provide Fake News While CBCP Mention Only 29 Sites

In search of the truth about reliable source of news online, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) issued list of at least 29 sites allegedly the source of fake news or unverified contents.

The trending issue earned mixed reactions from the social media. Some are questioning if the CBCP is the authorized government agency to qualify the sites whether it is publishing fake news or verified news, while some are asking what their legal basis are?

Bam Aquino and Archbishop Socrates Vilegas on the Fake News Issue

Meanwhile, Senator Bam Aquino, during the senate hearing, he discloses websites publishing fake news more the number mentioned by the CBCP. According to Sen. Bam Aquino, there are 87sites publishing fakes news and 95 Facebook Pages on his lists.

The researchers notified that some of the websites are no longer active, that includes Guard1an, Kalye Pinoy, Trending Balita, Trending News Portal, and TrendTitan. And there are sites that will reroute once domain name entered into the URL.

Below is the partial list of websites believed fabricating fake news or unverified contents based on the report from the CBCP:

Click to watch Bam Aquino on this video here:

Video credit to: NowPinas Pagebook Page

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