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VIRAL: Maria Sofia Love Sanchez Offensive Dancing on Philippine National Anthem

Maria Sofia Love Sanchez caught the attention of the netizen following after her video showing herself dancing offensively while playing the Philippine National Anthem. On her video Maria Sofia Love was seen holding her private part in contrast to the due respect of the National Anthem in which all Filipinos were putting hands on the heart while giving much attention to the playing sacred anthem.

With her offensive gesture, many among the netizens got angry with her when everyone seen on her video that focus the camera more on her private part instead of her face. The netizens were disappointed of her and criticized her for her illegal action of disrespecting the national anthem which is considered extremely illegal against the Philippine government.

The government under the Department of Foreign Affair (DFA) has issued order to trace her location so that she will be caught and pay the penalty against to what she has committed violating Republic Act No. 8491 which law gives compliance to every Filipino to give respect to any national symbols including the National Flag as well as the National Anthem.

According to report, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines receives information from the embassy of the Philippines in Los Angeles that Maria Sofia Love Sanchez resides at California.

Maria Sofia Love Sanchez is a Filipino transgender who became Facebook celebrity on her tag lines like “Para sa ekonomiya!, Pak! and Tuloy and Modeling,”

Click video link to watch Maria Sofia Love Sanchez dancing to the Philippine National Anthem.

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