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Trending Now! Brgy.2 Chairman Perry Pagaduan Complained Mayor Bernardo Paredes of Cavite City

It’s hard to imagine for a Barangay chairman on how to continue the operation in your barangay having financial instability.

Guesting on “Raffy Tulfo in Action” is Brgy. Chariman Perry Pagaduan at Brgy. 2 Cavite City bringing his concern that he was not able to get his salary as Barangay Chairman for five (5) consecutive months and the said complained also affecting the entire Barangay operation due to lack of financial stability to support any action taken within the barangay operations.

According to Brgy. 2 Chairman Perry Pagaduan, Mayor Bernardo Paredes did not sign the bond clearance to release budget for their barangay due to the case filed against Brgy. Chairman Perry Pagaduan.

Idol Raffy Tulfo clarifies to Public Assistance and Complaint Section DILG Region 4A, Bryan Vallos regarding the issue, he said that the mayor must sign the bond clearance in order to release the budget. And the possible reason that the mayor will not sign the bond clearance is when the Brgy. Chairman is having a pending administrative or criminal case against him as ground of not signing his fidelity bond.

Idol Raffy Tulfo then called the attention of DILG Usec. Austere Panadero to clarify the matter. Usec. Austere Panadero explain of the same thought but he clarifies that the nature of the case against Brgy. Chairman Perry Pagaduan will not affect the financial aspect. Usec. Austere Panadero promised then to help by extending his staff to solve the matter.

Brgy. Chairman Perry Pagaduan came back to TV5 to personally express his heartfelt thanks to idol Raffy Tulfo and to tell the Action Man that after he aired his sentiment on air he noticed that there are armed men surrounding his house and Idol Raffy immediately called the attention of Mayor Bernardo Paredes to help him solve the problem. The Action Man also called the attention of Camp Crame to response the request.

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