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VIRAL Video: Naked Arrest of PO1 Dumar Deocampo of Iloilo City

In connection to Du30’s war on illegal drug, this policeman of Tanza, Baybay, Iloilo City is no excuse during the buy-bust operation conducted on the area. The policeman in this video is identified as PO1 Dumar Deocampo, he is seen arrested by the authorities and handcuffed in a patrol vehicle with his naked appearance.

According to report, Deocampo is allegedly involved in illegal drug trade in the area but the said report is yet to be proven. As policeman, Deocampo learned that there were some authorities allegedly planted evidence against the suspect during the operation, the reason that Deocampo showed himself naked removing his dress and pants except his underwear so that authorities has no chance of planting him evidence against him and no other explanation in the part of the arresting officers.

As you see on cellphone video footage attached here in this page, Deocampo was challenging the person responsible on taking the video to get closer to him and capture video all over his naked body to document that there is no evidence can be taken against him and indeed, that is really impossible to plant evidence on the suspect like what he did.

Click to watch video here:

Video credit to RMN Iloilo

What do you think of Deocampo’s style during the arrest? You can share your idea here on the space provided for comment and let us see who will agree or disagree with your idea.

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