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Vickie Rushton and Jason Abalos Break Up?

Jason Abalos and Vickie Rushton break up? Recently, Vickie Rushton unfollowed Jason Abalos official Instagram. Jason Abalos still followed Vickie Rushton Instagram account. You can see it in the official account of Vickie for the clarification.

Photo Credit on Jason Abalos Instagram Account

See the screen-shoot picture below:

When we visit the Instagram account of Jason Abalos, Vickie Rushton picks are there but in Vickie Rushton Instagram, the picture of Jason Abalos has been deleted.

Both are not yet confirm the Netizens allegation where they are now Break Up or just a misunderstanding.

The fans of Vickie Rushton and Daniel Matsunaga are waiting for the confirmation where they are now Break Up. Recently Daniel Matsunaga is now single and posted on his Instagram account:

Something is missing…a girlfriend ahahhahhahha Dyos ko Lord

A post shared by Daniel Kenji Matsunaga (@dandanmatsunaga) on

Inside the PBB house, Vickie Rushton and Daniel Matsunaga have seen chemistry for each other.

Netizens are waiting for the official announcement, where they break up or not. Jason and Vickie are not yet to confirm this issue. Stay Follow for the Updates.

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