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Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) Episode on July 15, 2017 features Bella Padilla as Melanie

Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) Episode on July 15, 2017 features Bella Padilla as Melanie who has hunchback at a young age. She grows up with judgments and insult from the people around her but she chooses to be kind and understandable.

She had a dream to finish her studies and will to live. But eventually she didn’t finish her college due to financial responsibility with her family. She went to Manila, seeking job in order to provide her parent’s needs. She becomes an attendant to a school supplies shop.

However, bad news comes when her mother suffers from kidney failure. She decided to support because her siblings are jobless at that time. Her mother stays at Manila, but she was died after fighting her disease.

Melanie got r*ped with her worker and flees without a trace. Few months, she finds out that she is pregnant. Melanie is confused, devastated, and vulnerable, she plans to suicide, but her aunt prevents her from killing herself.


When Melanie gave birth her first baby but the real struggle has been started. Don’t miss the longest-running drama anthology in Asia, “MMK,” and every Saturday on ABS-CBN.

It is under the direction of Jerome Pobocan and written by Akeem Jordan Del Rosario.

Here is the cast of MMK July 15, 2017 episode, Bella Padilla as Melanie, Mutya Orquia as Young Melanie

Miel Espinoza as Young Mae Ann, Ashley Sarmiento as Old Mae Ann, Niña Dolino as Melissa, Mickey Feriols as Fe, Vivieka Ravanes as Eva, Boom Labrusca as Manuel, Olive Cruz as Thilma, and Jordan Hererra as Joel.

Watch the video below: (Courtesy video from ABS-CBN/MMK)

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