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Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla Admitted Tony Labrusca Made a Good Boost of “La Luna Sangre”

La Luna Sangre rated top on the evening TV shows with the love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as leading casts.

The newest horror-fantasy drama series of Kapamilya Network became the online most followed program by the netizens because of former “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” contender Tony Labrusca who is seen oftentimes on screen during the episode with Kathryn Bernardo as good friends on their character in the series.

Fans and supporters of KathNiel have noticed the closeness of Tony and Kathryn on the screen that caught the attention of the solid fans and supporters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s tandem, so making the reason to bash the former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender who enters to the love team of their idol stars.

Because of his entrance as the third party of Kathryn and Daniel’s team-up, Tony Labrusca flooded with comments from the netizens bashing him to the point that Tony won’t able to bear it but react to their comments.

Tony admitted that it’s not easy to enter to the love team as the third party of KathNiel, and he knows that supporters and fans in the online world can’t afford that there is someone do harm with KathNiel tandem.

He understand the feelings of the netizens the reason there are plenty of bashers to him, however, he said he will not condone it  but put an end the cyber-bullying against him knowing that their idol tandem is the advocate of cyber-bullying so they have to respect their advocacy, Tony said.

On the other hand, Daniel appealed to fans and supporters not to give too much overreaction against Tony because according to Daniel, we have to understand that it is only in the screen, it is not his real character, he just playing the role. Added to that, Daniel also said that if Tony is bashed, meaning he got the attention of the people, and he is playing his role effectively.

“It’s just a show. Relax lang. Huwag kayo nang-aaway ng mga tao dahil hindi naman sila ‘yun. Character lang nila ‘yun. Relax. Kung nagagalit kayo, effective. Guys please,” appealed the actor.

Meanwhile, Kathryn said that Tony was flooded with bashers, meaning he delivers effective performance on the series of La Luna Sangre and boost for the series he starred.

What do you think of Tony in the KathNiel tandem, share your opinion here on the comment box below.

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