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Pia Wurtzbach Lies Her Life Story on MMK: Says Stepmother Robie Asingua & Half-brother Alexander Wurtzbach

The life story of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on MMK episode on Saturday, June 3, 2017 featured by the young actress Liza Soberano went the most trending topic on social media since last week. The story of Pia Wurtzbach excites fans and netizens where, the 19-year-old young actress Liza Soberano received praises from the netizens in her role playing as Miss Universe.

But after this, Pia Wurtzbach is under fire from her own relatives against her stepmother Robie Asingua and Half-brother Alexander Wurtzbach accusing the Miss Universe a liar.

According to the post of her stepmother Robie Asingua on social media, Pia is making a false story and saying to the Miss Universe “liar” citing that her father did not ask her money.

In her message on Facebook, Robie Asingua posted:

“What a hell you doing Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, making a false story oh yeah you are a big liar your papa never ask money from you, shame to yourself…Your mama got an affair with neighbor name Jojo, that’s why papa abandoned your mother and you pretty wow know that all…” Robie Asingua said on her post.

Her half-brother also expressed sentiment accusing Pia for her false fabrication of the story. Aside from portraying that her father was asking her money, Pia also said that her father is a womanizer. Alexander also said, that if she is disappointed of her father’s action, she won’t have to carry her last name or better to change it.

In the full message of Alexander on his Facebook account, he said:

“Sa lahat lahat ayaw ko yung sisiraan mo ang patay na. Wala ng kinalaman yun eh. Karmahin sana kayo parang walang pinagaralan. Wag mung dadalahin ang apelyedo na yan kung alam mo ganyan ugali ng tatay mo. kala ko ba babaero sya at wala sya kwenta bakit mahal mo pa rin sya. your a freeking liar dont use my father’s surname if you don’t like him you’r a millionaire now so change it! Don’t say your money will help you.you are a liar!!!,” Alexander Wurtzbach said on his post.

Watch video report here:

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