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Watch: Mother & Sons Emotional Reunion That Make You Cry

This is one of the most emotional video ever. It is not scripted but a real story of a child went back home after 17 years abandon. Watch the emotional video below: (Courtesy by Facebook user ‘Kanggaro Jack’)

The video garnered more than 200, 000 views, thousands of comments and shares.

“A 9 months from the birth of Ranran Torpe ‘Youngest’ when their mother leaves them in Negros more than 17 years from now. On their mother’s birthday on May 9, 2017, a surprise gift and emotional reunion happen. Thank you for their Uncle Doodz Estandarte,” says report.

Her mother has once more request, “Sana maka-sama na namin si Rachel para kompleto na ang mga anak ko.”

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