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Shocking! Alma Moreno’s Ex Husband “Fahad Salic” Allegedly Urged Maute Group Attack Marawi City


Shocking news is now circulating on social media just of today leading to reveal the alleged person responsible of urging Maute group to attack Marawi City that destroyed livelihood and mankind.

According to the source that appeared on Facebook page of certain Paula Defensor Knack, the report pointed to “Fahad Salic”, Alma Moreno’s ex-husband was the person allegedly responsible of urging the Maute terror group to attack Marawi City causing the entire city under siege and people panic.

On the Facebook account of Paula Defensor Knack is seen on her post that the Maute attack was claimed that seems to be a planned by the people who have nothing to do but trying to destabilize Duterte’s administration as a form of retaliation on their lost during the May 2016 election. This allegation is coming from the anonymous person in Marawi City pointing to some else whose identity is yet to know.

Alma Moreno & Fahad Salic

Please read this line

 “May info tayo galling tiga-Mindanao na ang nag-udyok sa Maute group ay ang mga talunan sa last election na kausap ng isang grupo galling Manila recently. Isa sa mga talunan ang dating asawa ni Alma Moreno. Itong Maute group raw parang mga mangmang na ginamit lamang ng mga politico. SINO TONG mga GALING MANILA?!”

The mentioned group from Manila who was allegedly the source of this information is yet to be identified, but the story leads to point to “Fahad Salic” Alma Moreno’s ex-husband who loses his run on 2016 election for governor position in Lanao del Sur.

Knack also charged responsibility for the deaths and damages and the ongoing hostages if the allegation is proven. She also noted that Alma Moreno is innocent, it’s all charged to his ex-husband Fahad Salic.

See attached photo captured from Paula Defensor Knack Facebook page.

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