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He is Caught on CCTV, Surely You Won’t Like What He Did, Watch Him on Video!

He is Caught on CCTV, Surely You Won’t Like What He Did, Watch Him on Video!

Our generation today becomes evil. Everywhere News report informed us how corrupt is our government, abuse of human rights, drug abuses, child abuses, women abused every day and stealing like this man who was caught in CCTV with the actual modus operandi he did to take advantage is published everywhere.

This act is not an excuse to the present crisis of our time. This is not the right way of survival, this is not the way we raised our family and this should not be the way we live today.

Viral Man

With this very clear footage, this man wearing black shirt is evidently caught in camera, with the scheme he used to disguise as legitimate customer who made multiple orders to keep the vendor busy and take the chance of doing evil.

It is seen on video that he first orders are variant of cigarettes and packed by the vendor into a plastic bag but he secured it and separate to the next table. While the vendor is busy to get his additional order, this man is noticeably keep moving and pretends to have somebody calling him while his eyes are roaming around to see to it no one witness him for his evil plan.

He is looking for a chance to do his evil plan, but maybe, he noticed the CCTV installed around and immediately leave the counter with several packs of cigarette without paying it.

Click to Watch video here:


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