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PNP Confirmed Abu Sayyaf Terrorist Group Kidnapping Threats in Central Visayas

Clashes between Philippine forces and suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf terror group leaves nine (9) people dead. The incident took place on Tuesday, April 11 in Inabanga, Bohol. Government authorities said five of those killed were suspected Abu-Sayyaf members.

Three (3) soldiers and one policeman were also killed during the fight. There are 10 armed men were reported entering the Inabanga River Monday night on pump boats, Mayor Josephine Jumamoy told a local radio station.

Security forces were deployed to monitor them. Jumamoy also said more than 200 families from two villages in the area were evacuated. Inabanga River is a common tourist site. It is also close to the provicial capital and the popular island resort of Panglao.

Meanwhile, TV Patrol Negros reported additional troops sent to Sipalay, Hinobaan and Dumaguete as well as nearby towns.Coastguard on alert as well.

All this in light of the ongoing encounter between Armed Forces and PNP against members of the Abu Sayyaf Terrorist group in Bohol.

Residents are advised to alert Law enforcement and local officials in case they notice any suspicious characters or behavior.

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