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MUST READ! Netizens Blasted Vice President Leni Robredo on Twitter #LeniResign

Netizens blasted Vice President Leni Robredo in social networking sites such as Twitter. Hashtag #LeniResign is now trending on Twitter. Asec Epimaco Densing III wrote on his Facebook timeline; “It’s time for the majority of the Filipinos to fight back and gain back our integrity from destabilizers. Section 2 Article XI must be invoked against a pretentious VP in Leni Robredo. She should be impeached for continuously attempting to sabotage our economy constituting “betrayal of public trust”!

Photo Credit: @prettykrispee

According to Asec Epimaco Densing III, “Yesterday, our very own VP (though her election is still questionable), Leni Robredo, posted a video message which was intended to be shown today in the Annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria. She claimed of a “palit-ulo” scheme being done by the PNP and again mentioned the 7,000+ casualties in our government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign. The claims are both untrue and unverified.”

Photo Credit: @JGimoro

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