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New Rules for the 65th Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

The 65th Miss Universe Pageant organizers are coming up with a new rules to be implemented this year’s competition of most renown beauty pageant in the universe.

Here are the list of New Rules for the 65th Miss Universe Pageant this year’s competition:


  • This year, there will only be one Question & Answer portion
  • The preliminary competition will determine the Top 12, instead of Top 15
  • Top 12 will compete for the Swimsuit competition
  • From the 12, Top 9 will be determined
  • Top 9 will compete for the Evening Gown competition
  • From 9, a top 6 will then be picked to compete for the Question & Answer portion
  • From Top 6, Top 3 will be announced
  • Winner to be chosen based on final look only, no more Question & Answer for Top 3.
  • The average of the judges’ and audience’s scores will determine who will be the Miss Universe 2017

The 65th Miss Universe coronation will be forcasted live via ABS-CBN Channel 2 at 8:00 in the morning on January 30, 2017 (Manila time).

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