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Netizens Blasted This Father & Daughter Misbehavior to a Taxi Driver

Netizens do not like the attitude of this father & daughter tandem to misbehave a simple taxi driver. In the video and photos below, netizens can’t help their self to be angry. Facebook user Elahbeybe Rennison posted a video, garnered now a half in a million views and still counting.

Father and Child vs. Taxi Driver

Watch the full video below:

This video now is trending in social networking sites such as Facebook.

On the other side, Ashly Aldane Cruz explaining their sides that the taxi driver do fault also. Stated this, “Beware of this taxi driver. Kahit sino magagalit sa taxi driver na ‘to. Sumakay si Papa ditto sa taxi na to, January 13, 2017. Past 5 pm. Pagmamay ari ng MYT Trans.” Read the full message below:

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