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Jake Ejercito: “He has never denied being Ellie’s father”

Jake Ejercito who finally admitted that he is the biological father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter, Ellie has finally speak up again. During in one of his interview, Jake shared and explain that never he had denied that he is the father of Ellie. When asked, he directly said, “Never ko namang idinenay eh (I never denied it).”

Ejercito found out that he was the father of Ellie a year ago. Took up DNA test and the result gave him a blast, according to him. When talk about the moment he knew he was the father he said, “I was really surprised,” but adding “But I’m happy and I have no regrets.”


Ejercito clearly said that he chose to be silent for Ellie’s protection. The past months has not been so easy with many people involved and so for him, its better not to speak up. He said, “It’s all because I was trying to protect Ellie. Kasi, ‘di ba, ang daming parties involved (There were so many parties involved).”

Ejercito made it through that he was clearly protecting his biological daughter, Ellie. He added, “All I wanted was to protect Ellie. Kasi ayoko talagang pag-usapan.”

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