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SM Malls organized “Escalator Etiquette” for shoppers

Just recently the SM Supermalls organize a campaign called “escalator etiquette” inside the mall’s escalators which the public and the netizens approves.  It encourages all to stand on the right and walk on the left.

A photo of the mall’s concierge is located beside a new friendly reminder by the SM Malls advising shoppers to walk on the left, stand on the right when using the escalator.  The photo was posted last September 4, 2016, by a Facebook user Ken Lerona in SM Aura Premier.


The SM Malls’ escalators shown below has now a signage on its deck-board.  On the right side of the escalator, in yellow, is a stick-man figure with a ‘stand’ sign below its foot which means it is where to stand.

sm5 sm2 sm3

Lerona mentioned in her post thanking SM Supermalls for starting this etiquette.  Inviting shoppers to start practicing this kind of discipline, Lerona assumes Filipinos can do this.  It went viral and it was shared 2,782 times with likes reached over 28,000 as of press time.


In return, SM Supermall’s official Facebook page also shared Lerona’s photo and encourage all the shoppers by simple ways Filipinos can make the world a better place to live in.

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