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Existence of Giants On Earth

Giants are only seen in movies, cartoons, animated films. As you know, Giants once roam on the earth millions of years ago. They leave marks on earth’s soil. Whenever bones or giants or evidences appear, they will took it away and hide it in public.

A renowned Institute claims that over thousands of giant’s skeletons they destroyed since 1900. One chapter of the bible claims that at the time of Moses, when he freed the Israelite they walk hundred miles, when they are walking they saw tall men and when tall men looking at them they are like mosquitoes.

As what it describes from the bible, it seems that those tall men are not only just tall but it could’ve reach probably a hundred feet since it said that they are like mosquitoes compared to those tall men.

There are a lot of evidences taken by them, there are fossilized footprints, skeletons, giant’s tools and even stone carvings or stone buildings which no one would ever imagine who could’ve pile those big heavy stones on that time since they have no equipment or machinery.

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