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Fighting For Sharks Can Help Philippine Tourism

Jeff Kurr Wildlife filmmaker said on Discovery Channel that the conservation efforts for the thresher shark will boost Philippine tourism. ”Thousands of thousands of people around the world go on dives and spend a lot of money to go on boats just to see this animals up close,So I think that a smart government that’s interested in improving their economy is going to want to preserve these animals and take advantage of the shark tourism factor.” Kurr said.


According to Kurr,sharks around the world have experiencing different threats created by human. For one they were very heavily overfished and it deciminated sharks population because they can’t grow fast as much as other fish.
Even though Shark Week has been sheding light on sharks for the past 28 years, Kurr said these creatures remain misunderstood. A lot of people still believe that these sharks were too dangerous and blood thirsty killers. And I think everybody around the world should understand that sharks are not like that at all.

In the course that getting shots that no one has seen before, Kurr has had nerve-wracking experiences filming sharks. He recalls trying to capture a great white shark flying out of the water then it landed just a few feet away from him and completely soaked. It was the scariest time of his life as he never saw the shark coming.

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