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Did Pope John XXIII had an Interaction with an Alien before his Death in 1961?

Angelo Roncalli known as “The Good Pope” met an alien before his death.

The meeting occurred at the garden of Castel Gandolo. Loris Francisco Capovilla, the private secretary of the good pope who witnessed everything of the meeting. Later on, a news was published in a British newspaper and taken over by Sun in 1981. However, no one bought the issue.

Pope John XXIII

In the afternoon of July 1961, a bright light with different colors appeared above their heads. It happened so fast, the two disc shape flying object appeared above us in just one pop. They move silently and one of the ship detaches from the flock and land.

Pope John XXIII

The cockpit opened and someone came out with lights around him. They fell to their knees and got up. And approach the good pope without hesitation. They talked for over 20 minutes but you cannot hear their voices. They probably talked telepathically. After they’re done the men with lights around turned and go back to the ship and look back for a quick second and then wept. Until now, no one knows what they talked about and why did the man with lights around him wept.

Watch the video below;

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