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Another Proof of Time Travel: Man meets his Old Self, Check It Here (Video)

A man named Hakan Nordkvist from Sweden accidentally came through a portal and jump in year 2042.

Last August 30, 2006, came home to find water pooling on his kitchen floor. He gathered his tools, and opened the cabinet under his kitchen sink. He reached his arm in to feel the piping but he couldn’t. He sat on the floor and crawl to touch the piping, he cannot reached it so he kept crawling further and further and at the end of a tunnel there is a light and when he came out he soon realize that he was in the future.

Hakan Nordkvist

He claimed that he accidentally time traveled to year 2042. There, he meets his 72 year old self. They were a bit confused at first so they exchange personal information that only they would know and compared there tattoos.

Time Travel

He said that when he goes back no one would ever buy his story. So he reach his cell phone out from his pocket and took a video shot on his future self.

Watch the video below:

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