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Full Video: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Calls Mar Roxas “Bayot” (Gay)

The Presidential Candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte responds to Mar Roxas claimed his vision of ending crime and corruption in just 3-6 months is just “Pambobola” to gain more votes. According to Mar Roxas that Duterte cannot achieve what he promised to the Filipino people.

As part of Mayor Duterte responds to Mar Roxas, noted that he can fulfill his promise of crime and corrupt- free Philippines. In the event attended of Davao Mayor, at the National Convention of the Philippine Association of Civil Registrars in Davao City, the mayor stated on his speech that what he achieved in Davao City will be achieved in the entire Philippines.

Duterte call Mar Roxas Gay

Mayor Duterte reacted to the “pambobola” statement of Mar Roxas and stated that, “Si Mar, bayot (Gay). ‘Di niya kaya.” The Davao Mayor added further that “Kaya ko kasi lalaki ako. Kundi ka lalaki, papano ‘yan.”

Watch the video below: (Courtesy video of  GMA News and Public Affairs)

Meanwhile, the Presidential candidate of liberal party Mar Roxas is not yet in respond to Duterte’s word.

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