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NBI Confirms “Tanim-Bala” in NAIA Airport

Few months ago since the issue of the “tanim-bala” is happening in the NAIA Airport. Lots of people had been a victim because of this. Is there indeed a tanim-bala or bullet-planting extortion scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)? Yes it has.


according to the report of NBI, they confirmed that it is true that there is a Tanim-bala scam which is happening inside the NAIA Airport. This scam is very organized like a syndicate which is circulating along us. The NBI’s findings where sent in the DOJ to be studied if whoever is responsible for it’s consequences.

It also filed charges against six airport personnel in connection with the case of Lane White, an American missionary victimized by the scheme last September. Not just this man but also a lot of people who has been a victim and suffered in their work because of this bad incident.

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