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OFW Caught Having A Bullet In The Bag

Here is one story and news that we should really remember and put in our mind.

There is this overseas FIlipino worker who on his way to Macau to take a vacation when he was found to have a bullet in his bag at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which not allowed here to continue the said vacation.


The bullet was found in Gerard Ubarde’s bag with his medicine kit. However, ubarde stated in defending his side. He said that it is too impossible for her to have a bullet in his bag since it is against the law to have one. Stupidity is not for him.

However, Ubarde was immediately release after the case was dismissed.

The Manila International Airport Authority installed disposal booths at NAIA to give passengers a chance to rid their bags of banned items.

We should be very extra extra careful as lots of things happening now. We should be fully aware how people can do everything just to live. May be bad or not.


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