Melai Cantiveros on Your Face Sound Familiars Final 4

Melai Contiveros had done over 12 icon transformations and earned exemplary comments from the jury since Your Face Sounds Familiar started, Melai Cantiveros still doesn’t consider herself a singer.

In an exclusive interview with, Melai claimed that she’s well aware of critics who say that she doesn’t deserve to be part of the show’s Final 4.

“Alam ko naman ‘yun na kini-criticize talaga nila ako na ganon kasi hindi nga ako singer. Kahit sa sarili ko rin eh alam ko kasi nga ‘di ako singer,” she started.

Melai immediately clarified that she had no hand in the result.

“Pero dahil nga din siguro iniisip ko eh point system ito. Hindi ko naman din mina-nipulate ang points so feeling ko it’s the will of God. So, will ito ni Papa God na mapasama ako sa Top 4 and happy ako,” she said.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Final 4

In fact, for the actress-comedienne had the results been rigged she claimed: “Kung malaman ko naman na may something dito sa pagkapunta ko dito siyempre ako mismo ang hindi papayag. Pero dahil ganito naman, okay naman.”

While it wasn’t her singing prowess that made her end up in the Final 4, Melai presumed that it was because of her personality.

“Feeling ko ang charm ko. Kasi akala nila nagpapatawa pa ako pero hindi nila alam seryoso na ako sa ginagawa ako,” she lamented.

But, as it turns out, Melai wasn’t as serious about her performances as the other stars. In fact, she claimed to have realized that she can’t just toy with her performances only during the latter part of the show.

“In the end, ‘yung pa-end na kasi alam ko na. ‘Yung kay Grace Jones na lang kasi alam ko ng finals na eh tsaka kung hindi ko gagalingan mapapatay ako sa staff kasi sabi nila ‘Hoy ‘wag kana mag-playtime,’” she shared.

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