He Thought These Men Were Kissing, But He Laugh Out Loud Knowing It Was Just A Game


Top trending topic online! This is the most happiest and blow mind breaking show in Japan. The Japanese passing game is now making rounds online and the most trending topic in social media. The mechanics of the game is to pass the living animals using their mouths. In Red team, they successfully send to finish, the small crab and salamander.

Japanese Passing game

Meanwhile, the Bleu team also make two living animals passed successfully. Some Netizens dislike the video, “why does the japanese people like to eat live animals. even worse the last guy in blue team swallowed a alive fish” they stated.

“Asians are not well in the head.. I feel bad for the insects and animals that have to go through this just because they would do anything abnormal for fame” said by Ninaki13th.

The video was uploaded last June 2010 and garnered a half in a million of views. The 7-minute video clip got more than 900 likes and 100 dislike.

This video is just for fun. If you like this video you can share it.

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