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Former World Bank Lawyer Reveals Where Is The Location Of 400,000 Metric Tons Of Gold And Her Answer Is Unbelievable!

Former president Ferdinand Marcos stated that “My earthly goods have been place in the custody and for the disposition of Marcos foundation dedicated to the welfare of the Filipino People. “

It is very clear in that statement that Marcos wealth is not only to benefit their family but also the benefits of the Filipino people and also the world. Former President Marcos is not just an ordinary man, in my opinion he is the most brilliant president of the Philippines. Some of the books in Philippine history is not giving Marcos a good credits and when they say Marcos people will remember the first EDSA Revolution but as some people know the total numbers of the people who attended the EDSA Revolution is only 2% of the Philippines population that time and it is very clear that he won the election in 1986. But we will not talk about what happen in the past because some people know that it is only propaganda and nothing else.

World bank

If we see the plans of Former president Marcos, he didn’t plan only for tomorrow, next day or so, his plans will be eternal for the benefits of Filipino People and also the world. But look what happen to him? I believe that the Marcos Family deserves more justice than anyone else.

Only time can tell us and we all know that God sees everything, God will lead us the true way and also the truth. The future tells us that President Marcos has still great plans for the Philippines and the world.

Published by Aaron Julius M. Lecciones

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Thanks for watching guys, I hope this will help us to find the truth only we need to do is spread it.

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