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Her Daughter Knows His Father Was Lying, But He Did It Because He Wants To Prove Something of Great Value

Everyone hates lying, but this father has nothing to do but pretend to his daughter he is doing well and strong enough just to support and give his daughter’s need no matter how difficult life could be, no matter how hard work he was doing.

Later, his daughter understood the real situation they have with his father. She understood what his father was doing just to survive their living, provide her needs in home and support her studies. She wrote in a piece of paper what her father’s all about and give to him. Upon reading the letter, his heart was almost burst for happiness.

In her letter she wrote: “My father drops me in school, buy me ice cream, teaches me math. My dad is a super hero, want me to do well in school. But he lies on me. He lies about having a good job. He lies about having money. He lies that he is not tired. He lies that he is not hungry. He lies that we have everything. He lies about his happiness. He lies because of me.”

This video is worth sharing for…to your sons and daughters, to your friends and officemates. This is really a heart-touching video that you can’t hold your tears drop from your eyes.

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