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Is Bamboo Mañalac Really Dead Due to a Drúĝ Overdose or It’s Just Hoax? Find Out Here!

Early this morning December 9, 2014, the netizens were surprise and some other are confused due to a rumors surfacing in social media that singer/songwriter Bamboo Mañalac was dead due to a drúĝ overdose.

Mix reactions coming from the netizens following the rumors that one of the coaches of the popular singing competition “The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 died due to a drúĝ overdose.

Photo grabbed from Facebook under the account of Christopher Dungca

Photo grabbed from Facebook under the account of Christopher Dungca

“RIP BAMBOO MAÑALAC 1976-2014” appeared on the cover image that spread in social media like as of fire in the forest garnering more than thousands of shares in Facebook and Twitter.

According to report, the rumors started when the article about the death of the 38-year-old singer/songwriter maliciously published in a website informing the netizens about his death with a YouTube theme that appeared thereon along with the photo cover, but the said YouTube video is no longer accessible.

This rumors is a hoax! Bamboo is still alive and kicking today. This is just a gimmick to draw visitors and make the issue viral in social media.

The rumors of Bamboo’s death surfaces 2-week after the rumors of Jose Manalo who was also reportedly dead and drew huge concern and mix reactions from the netizens since last 2 weeks.

According to some netizens commented of the said rumors, “killing someone in social media just to earn money is not a good idea of earnings. It was ghen suggested to look for a better way of bringing the report that can help people on their learning process.”

You can also make comments on the space below and share your idea about this wrong practice of the Filipino bloggers.


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  • c.quimio December 12, 2014, 2:38 am

    It’s a bad joke.How can some people do that? I am very sure everybody was shocked !!
    But thank God it’s not true. He will be blessed with longer and happy life.

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