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Ai Ai De Las Alas Vows To GOD That Her Relationship With Gerald Sibayan Will Be Her Last

Kapamilya actress Ai Ai De Las Alas vows to GOD that her relationship with the young athlete Gerald Sibayan considered to be her last.

AI AIIt is remembered that Gerald was the one first admitted that he and Ai Ai were officially in a relationship.

Upon Gerald’s revelation towards their relationship, the comedian actress was amenable that certain people will not go easy on them because of high age gap between the two of them.

This November 11 Ai Ai will be turning 50 years old while Gerald is only 20 years of age.

In her interview with Pep.ph she revealed that she already knows the outcome before she engage in a relationship with Sibayan, but according to her people must accept their relationship because their feelings with each other is true and mutual.

Ask if she also feels that her relationship will be a topsy-turvy again.

She replied “Hindi, naging circus na nga, e. ‘Tapos sarado na ulit ngayon. “Tahimik na… basta. “Nakatulong din yung may sakit ako, na hindi nila ako nainterbyu,” sabi niya.

Meanwhile the actress urged that her lovelife will be remain on private and revealed what pushes her to swear to GOD that her current relationship will be the last.

Deal niya ‘yan with the Lord? “Oo, deal ko kay Lord. ‘Eto, Lord, last na ‘to talaga.’

She added that whatever happens if her relationship with Gerald will turn out or not, this will be her last to venture in a relationship.



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