Watch: Georgina Wilson Revealed Biggest Heartbreaks”Find Out Here!


Model-Georgina Wilson live interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” revealed her biggest heartbreak when they broke up for six months on her boyfriend co-model Borgy Manotoc. Wilson admitted her wrong decision to let go Borgy for the business reason.

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino asked, “Panu nga ba maibabalik yung pagmamahal at tiwala sa isa’t isa”, Wilson replied; “Were going on 4th year now, almost 3 & half yun but I made a mistake pero nganun our love is more stronger”. She admit also on the decision was not mutual and made her as a shock when realizing how much she love’s Borgy.

Georgina Wilson

She confessed that making big mistake to give up Manotoc for granted which she intent to focus on her own business makes miserable for 6 months of her life. They break up almost six months but back together last February 2014 and she is the one who make effort to be tied up again.

She also says” The Break up comes from you know it is not comes on love! It coming a mutual decision that I made, it’s happen when I’m so busy putting up on my company Studio of Glasses and I am very hands on and very intense person for on focus on something “Everything on my life, I will throw in to it!!!

Kris and Abunda

Wilson clarify on her boyfriend Borgy “When I made that decision my life changing almost 6 months of sacrifice”. Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson still facing many trials to be hold on together as one.


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