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Super Typhoon Yolanda Part 2 “AGATON” is Hoaxed (Video)

There is a rumor in social media about the super typhoon Yolanda Part 2 and named it “Super Typhoon Agaton.” The said rumors went viral in the internet started in the most popular social media ‘Facebook’ through the Facebook Page. Since the rumor was started online; the typhoon “Agaton” rumored marks 3,628 shares in Facebook alone.

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AgatonThe said Facebook Page pointed www.weather-forecast.com as the original source of the rumored “Super Typhoon Agaton” which is expected to land in the Philippines the next coming weeks and caused the netizens to worry as the rumored ‘Super Typhoon Agaton’ was described stronger than the Super Typhoon Yolanda that leaves more than 6,000 death toll in Visayas regions.

Lately, the Philippine weather bureau, Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) confirmed that the rumor about Super Typhoon Agaton is just a hoax and there is nothing to worry about that.

“It’s too early to predict if the low pressure area (LPA) we are looking into right now will be as strong as Yolanda,” (PAGASA) forecaster Gener Quiplong said.

“Actually, the possibility of that LPA to be a storm is still being monitored. Also, the LPA can be dissolved and not to continue as a storm,” added Guiplong.

According to the report disseminated on social media, the Super Typhoon Agaton will hit the Philippine area of responsibility on January 16 & 17 this month which is more destructive compared to the typhoon Yolanda.

Meanwhile, TV5 weather forecaster Seph Ubalde proved that the alleged Yolanda Part 2 calling it “Typhoon Agaton” is a hoaxed.

Watch TV5 weather report here.




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