Financial Assistance for Yolanda Victims Reached P5.4 Billion



Week after the Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the most areas of eastern Visayas, monetary assistance as of November 15, 2013 reached P5.4 billion or equivalent to $126.8 million for the Filipino victims of typhoon Yolanda, according to Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Raul Hernandez.

On record of the DFA, financial assistance pledged for the typhoon victims are usually coming from 43-international donors which are some of them are sent already to the ongoing relief and recovery operations to the most areas affected by the typhoon Yolanda.

All of the pledges should undergo to the proper procedure in accordance to the regulations of the donors before the allocated funds reach to the end recipients, he explained.

Hernandez said that there are some other pledges announced by the media which are not recorded in their lists. But they are now in the process of accounting all the pledges verifying from what foreign government or international organization coming from, before it is added to the list, he said.

The Philippine government has recognized also the Filipino communities coming from different countries to use their initiative of helping the victims.

Hernandez said that the “Bayanihan Council” which is the umbrella organization of all Filipino community in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain who have immediately responded by sending relief funds amounting to P110,000 through the Philippine Red Cross.

Kaula Lumpur Embassy and the Filipino community in Malaysia pledged P43,000 through the Red Cross also.

Various Filipino groups from different countries are also doing their best, they have organized themselves and make alternative activities to raise funds to help the victims, revive them and inspire every Filipino.

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