MMFF 2013 “Day 9″ Update: Box Office Ranking and Gross Income January 2, 2014

For the Day 9 update of the Metro Manila Film Festivals (MMFF) 2013, January 2, 2014. The MMDA did not reveal its gross income of the eight official entries until this time. Only the first day was publicly disclosed by the organizers.

MMFF-2013According to our source of information the list of ranking and top earning movies are still the same since the first day of showing.

The gross income published on the table below is unofficial since we are not the official tabulator of the film fest.

The MMFF 2013 exact figures of gross income during the 9th day is still concealed by the Metro Manila Film Festival organizers but through our showbiz insiders that leaked to us the gross income on day 9 that is January 2, 2014 we published it here just to give the latest update to our valued readers.

We are going to update the official result as soon as time possible once the MMFF organizers will publicly announce the gross earnings of the eight official movie entries.

Below is the unofficial figure of the box office income for the Top Four Movies.


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Unofficial Figures of the Box Office Income Results for the MMFF 2013 (DAY 9): January 2, 2014

MMFF 2013 Entry Day 8 Gross Earnings Day 9 Gross Earnings
1. My Little Bossings PHP 309.5 Million PHP 336.3 Million
2. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy PHP 300.6 Million PHP 331.8 Million
3. Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay PHP 176.5 Million PHP 198.3 Million
4. Kimmy Dora PHP 89.4 Million PHP 122.4 Million
5. 10,000 Hours PHP 83.5 Million PHP 101.2 Million
6. Boy Golden No Data NO Data
7. Kaleidoscope World No Data NO Data
8. Pedro Calungsod No Data NO Data

Note: We are not the official tabulators of MMFF 2013. We will update this post as soon as official results will be released. The leak results came from our showbiz insiders.


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