Cebu Sinulog Festival 2014 Grand Parade Live Coverage (Photos and Videos)

Among the long list of major events during the celebration of the most famous festival of the country, the Grand Parade during the Sinulog Festival in the Queen City of the South is one of the most awaited events to witness with both domestic and foreign visitors.

Usually visitors join the dance parade with the bet of the drums and gongs to celebrate festival in honor to the Patron Saints Senior Santo Niño. The Sinulog Festival Grand Parade ends at the Cebu City Sports Center where it holds most of the major events during the Sinulog Festival.

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Watch here below the live cast of Cebu Sinulog Festival 2014





Photo Credit: Sinulog Facebook Page


Sinulog 15 Sinulog 14 Sinulog 13 Sinulog 12 Sinulog 11 Sinulog 10 Sinulog 9 Sinulog 8 Sinulog 7 Sinulog 6 Sinulog 5 Sinulog 4 Sinulog 3 Sinulog 2 Sinulog 1 Christine Jael Abellanosa

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