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Watch Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 in National Customes preliminary round. The said event the girls will try to present their respective countries thru elegant National customes designed by the top artist of their own nation as well. In the event the ladies will wear it confidently and with a pure sense of pride added [...]

Live now is the Miss Universe 2019 preliminary competition wherein each candidates will go on head to head for prejudgment period. Reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey will finally crown her new successor and who will it be. This candidate will wear their proud national custome which they will compete to the Top 20 spot [...]

WATCH: “Miss Universe 2019” Top 20 Preliminary Round

Watch Miss Universe 2019 Top 20 Preliminary rounds. Most anticipated beauty queen of the year will be aired at Altanta USA this coming December 8, 2019. Philippines is still included in the list, Africa and the considered rival country in beauty pageant Venezuela. The question is if this will be a back to back win [...]

Miss Universe 2019 representative Gazini Ganados finally revealed her singature walk in the competition dubbed as the “Phoenix Walk” every walk has its own distinction it comprises a high level of confidence and pride. The said competition will be aired at December 9, 2019 at Altanta Georgia. Miss Universe is the most popular beauty pageant [...]