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Rollercoin was made for you to play games and build a data center, while you earn your first real cryptos! But please, don’t rely on mining in RollerCoin as your main source of income. RollerCoin is a mining game, it’s made for having fun playing and being compensated with real crypto coins. How to Register [...]

The long waited event is taking place now. Good news to all the cryptocurrency holders in the world, if this is true, just a little longer your crypto savings will grow after the major worldwide government, China officially announces that they’re adopting cryptocurrency as official coin in their country. According to Forbes website, the government [...]

One thing I learned, and we need to be aware of this co-investors…. it’s maybe a coincidence or intentional. In my point of view, the closing of Bitconnect lending stops all operations as well as their accountability of paying high return of investment, as they lasted for almost 18 months. Based on the table that [...]

Bitconnect community got panic since yesterday due to sudden announcement that lending and exchange operation stopped immediately. It’s not easy to say that your hard earned money invested to Bitconnect flat form will be terminated in this way with nothing to do at all to protect your investment. It’s only trust and confidence to the [...]

Since yesterday the Bitconnect community has panic due to their immediate announcement that all the flat form operation including the buying & selling and lending and referrals stopped on the spot after announcement. When I moved my BCC to hitBTC yesterday, I have proven that Bitconnect is honest with their intention to do business because [...]