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The January 8, 2020 episode of BITAG hosted by veteran broadcaster Ben Tulfo is available for free viewing in your android cellphones and other gadgets that can access the internet via LIVE STREAMING directly here on this page. Ben Tulfo is a brave broadcaster in the Philippines that fear no one and straight to the [...]

A woman teacher whose name is not revealed for her privacy and protection comes to BITAG asking help from Tol Ben regarding her husband who spread illicit photos of her on social media that degraded her from being a professional teacher. According to the woman teacher, her husband is having affair with another woman. And [...]

Bitag is a kind of investigative and public service program hosted by Ben Tulfo. The program of Ben Tulfo becomes the “Sumbungan ng Bayan” where any of the agenda under the sun can tackled and discuss properly and boldy by the brave host. Many of the Filipino folks comes to the program and went back [...]

Two contractual worker of ABS-CBN come to Bitag, investigative and public service program hosted by Ben Tulfo complaining for the allege illegal termination from their work as technical team in the engineering department of ABS-CBN. Edrelino Cardenas & Joseph Sacupon Complained work under the agency and hired by the ABS-CBN. One of the complainant works [...]

Gene Padilla and Alias “Norma” is Ben Tulfo’s guests in his program “Aksyon Ora Mismo.” In this video of Ben Tulfo from his official YouTube Channel, Gene Padilla a basketball guest player and alias Norma came to clarify the issue of unsettled payment of the celebrity Basketball event during the Masskara Festival Celebration in Bacolod [...]

John Rez Ditongco comes to Aksyon Ora Mismo the “Pambansang Sumbongan” hosted by Ben Tulfo asking help concerning the car incident involving John and the Driver of Republic Gas Corporation (REGASCO) causing damage to the car of the victim in the road accident. According to John the operation supervisor of REGASCO comes to rescue during [...]

Live now is Ben Tulfo Bitag. A program that bust abusive perosnalities here in the country. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c6bqU-oMAbA The show is hard hitting, no holds, barred in tagalog walang preno2x. Public service plus commentaries. For more news and updates please visit our website and like our page at facebook.

Live stream: BITAG Ben Tulfo August 22, 2019

Watch here life Bitag BEN TULFO live. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gMuHyJ6g4iw&t=7s For more informative news around the globe dont hesitate to visit our website and like our page attracttour at facebook.