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Sofia Andres confirmed that she is now a mother to her baby girl! As we all know, Sofia Andres is in a relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Miranda who is a racer. Sweet photos of them first surfaced in social media on 2018, but it was in January 2019 when they revealed the relationship. On [...]

Angel Locsin’s photo that shows her body figure now has recieves various reaction to the social media world. The photo shows that the actress had gained weight. RELATED ARTICLES: VIRAL NOW: Angel Locsin “Chubby Appearance” Shocks And Receives Various Reaction On Social Media Angel Locsin is a famous celebrity and philanthropist and a very generous [...]

Who do you think this viral female celebrity who enlisted for the Military force earlier this week? The actress fans get shocked as Arci Munoz posted on her Instagram account that she enlisted in the Military. Arci Munoz is a popular actress in the Kapamilya network who was known for some of her blockbuster movie [...]

Pakistani actress Veena Malek expressed her sentiment during the live interview with Pakistani Ambassador as their on-air moderator together with Mufit Abdul Qavi Pakistani religious scholar who made the cross-examination concerning the allegation against the actress. According to him, Veena Malek violates Pakistani culture and observance in a way she dress, actions as well as [...]